If elephants ruled the world, what would it look like? 

 What do you think it will look like? 

Science- solids, liquids and gases

Today we looked at what the particles look like in solids, liquids and gases. I think I’d like to be a gas and move around freely and bump into other particles. Which would you like to be and why? 


Tony Bomber Bellew  on march the 4th beat the HEAVYWEIGT CHAMP  DAVID HAYE[THE HAYEMAKER].Tony moved up 3 or 4 weights from Cruiserweight to Heavyweight.It all started when TONY WON the CRUSIERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD TITLE FOR THE SECOND TIME and the 2 had an argument.


Football is not about wining it is about taking part

now you see me 2

Have you watched now you see me 2 because it is the best film on earth it’s about magic.

What is your favourite film?

wwe raw


Have you seen WWE?  Because here are some of my favourite super stars whats yours ? And hear is a 3 minute clip hope you enjoy !

Favourite Cake

Does anyone like carrot cake?

































This dog is a pug trying to eat his dinner.

This dog is cute


Image result for football

My favourite football player is Ronaldo and messi Ronaldo is the best player in the would and Messi has lots of pace.