Fit2Go week 3

Healthy eating Fit2Go

We’ve been learning about which foods we need to eat in a daily basis, which we need to eat in moderation and which we should avoid. 

Maths – Bus stop method for division

We’ve been enjoying learning about formal methods and short division. Can you show your mums and dads how you do it? 


This week we started our sessions of Fit2Go, provided by Blackpool FC Community Trust. We will be learning about the benefits of exercise, healthy diet and how to reduce sugar intake. 

Faith’s Leaving Party

A very sad day but we all know that Faith will love her new school and we can’t wait to hear what exciting adventures she has. 

Coding week

This week in computing we’ve been looking at coding. Coding is like writing a recipe or a set of instructions. We’ve coded our new Ozobots and played Code Monkey online, which you can use at home too. How far can you get?

Play Code Monkey click here 

Friendship Week